Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Sever Mold Damaged House

This house in Houston, TX had severe mold damage. The family was on vacation when a pipe broke flooding the home. The humidity in the home cause the mold to grow all over. The drywall tape was one of the only places the mold did not grow creating a cross like symbol on the wall.

Mold Containment Procedures

When mold intrudes a home it is important to be rid of it while keeping the rest of the home clean. We at SERVPRO of Town and Country have been trained to remediate against mold to a high standard. Our goals is to keep the home clean while eradicating the mold problem.

Humid Bunker Hill Village Home

After a flood the humidity in this Bunker Hill Village home caused a lot of damage to items that were not effected. However, the humidity in the home was too much and mold grew even behind hung picture frames.

Moldy Closet in Houston, TX.

The water damage from an overhead pipe leak caused these closets to receive mold damage. The mold grew behind the storage bins and were not noticed until the pipe broke suddenly flooding the rest of the room. While SERVPRO was cleaning the area we discovered the mold behind the storage bins.

Mold in Basement

Basements collect many things such as Christmas decorations. A lot of times homeowners do not realize that there is water in the basement until they have to go down there to grab something. We advise to check your basements regularly or this may end up being yours.

Houston Mold Damage in the Attic of Home

The mold damage in this Houston home occurred due to poor ventilation allowing moist humid conditions. SERVPRO of Town & Country employed advanced equipment and techniques to mitigate the mold damage. SERVPRO of Town & Country is ready to help 24/7. Please call (281) 219-8180.