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Preschool in Houston, TX Water Damage

During the recent storms this preschool had some water come in through the doors. The street drains had backed up with debris and the water found its way into t... READ MORE

Flooded Commercial Building in Houston, TX

The floods in Texas are devastating and common. But this restaurant had never had a flood and the manager was very worried about the damage it had caused. We un... READ MORE

Supply Line Problems in Hilshire Village, TX

The supply line to ice maker of the fridge is the reason for this beautiful home being flooded on the ground floor. Supply lines are notorious for breaking and ... READ MORE

Broken Supply Line in Hilshire Village

Supply lines are the most common water damage calls we at SERVPRO of Town and Country receive. Whether it be from an ice maker, such as this case, or from a sin... READ MORE

Bunker Hill Village Home Damage

This home in Bunker Hill Village was thoroughly soaked after a water pipe broke in the ceiling. The water continued to pool and then finally ran down the walls ... READ MORE

Moldy Home in Houston, TX

The mold in this home grew because of a water damage that flooded all of the first floor. By the time SERVPRO of Town and Country were called a lot of the water... READ MORE

Mold Damaged Home

Coming home to a flooded home can be very disheartening but seeing mold is even worse. The homeowners couldn't believe their eyes when they came home after vaca... READ MORE

Houston, TX School Fire

Schools are often vandalized by their students but starting a garbage can on fire is going too far. The damage to the school was mainly from the smoke that trav... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning in Houston, TX

During a fire there is a lot of smoke and soot that travel throughout the building. There usually is a smoke line around the tops of halls and rooms. These dama... READ MORE

Flooded Commercial Building

Flooding from outside water is always more devastating than from an indoor source such as a supply line or broken pipe. Outside flooding comes with dirt, sand, ... READ MORE