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How to Stay Safe During A Storm

5/5/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How to Stay Safe During A Storm SERVPRO of Town & Country is here for you during all storm disasters.

SERVPRO of Town & Country’s top priority is the safety of our customers. We understand natural disasters such as storms are inevitable, therefore, we want to ensure you are informed on how to keep you and your loved ones safe.

If you are indoors, in your residential or commercial property we highly suggest staying away from all windows and doors. This can place you at risk due to high winds and hail having the ability to shatter glass. Additionally, keep all drapes and blinds closed to keep hail or broken glass from blowing in your property. Additionally, If you are away from your home or office, we recommend swiftly locating the nearest enclosed building or hardtop car to remain in until the storm passes through.

SERVPRO of Town & Country cares about your safety and is here for you during your time of need. If your property ever experiences storm damage, you can count on us to restore your home or office. We are available and ready to serve you 24- hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Bob Lanier Public Works Building

4/25/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Bob Lanier Public Works Building The outside of Bob Lanier Public Works Building

Due to a leak around the window, the Bob Lanier Public Works building needed SERVPRO’s assistance. We have been in the restoration business for 16 years and specialize in all water, fire and mold restoration. When we received the phone call from Bob Lanier, we instantly arrived at the scene.

Our highly trained technicians specialize in scoping the scene and assuring all areas of the property are dry. This particular job required water extraction, baseboard removal, custom equipment and drill hole procedures.

In addition, the technicians manually removed water with the of use of trash cans and utilized custom drying equipment to evaporate the remaining water. It is our protocol to always issue a moisture test to ensure the entire affected area is dry and the job is complete. If you are ever faced with water damage, we are available 24/7 and here to help!

Houston Police Department

4/25/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO  Houston Police Department The outside of Houston Police Department

SERVPRO can handle any water damage you encounter, no matter how big or small the job! The Houston Police Department gave us a call after being confronted with severe water damage. Their facility was filled up to 5 feet with standing water, requiring our immediate attention.

This job required water extraction, structure drying, detailed cleaning of the walls and surrounding sidewalk.First, they extracted all of the water from within the property and our highly trained technicians cleaned the interior of the security office. Second, they disinfected the walls, floors and windows. Lastly, they completed the job by thoroughly cleaning the bathroom and storage closet, as well as washing the exterior and surrounding sidewalk area.

SERVPRO believes in the power of the small details. We always ensure your property is completely scoped out and every aspect of the job is complete.

Lake Houston Wilderness Park

4/24/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Lake Houston Wilderness Park The outside of Lake Houston Wilderness Park

Lake Houston Wilderness Park called SERVPRO due to flooding issues on their property. Our top priority is to ensure the valuables and property are restored in a timely manner. Our restoration workers quickly arrived to the scene and performed a moisture test as well as brought the wood framing and exterior wood into a dry standard.

Due to the affected areas being wet, the technicians set up emergency equipment to dry the area while they were away. It’s very important to leave drying equipment out to ensure the building is 100% dry. This process not only prevents future damage, but also allows the remaining restoration process to begin. This particular location was revisited multiple times to add more drying equipment and ensure the entire property was dry.

SERVPRO promises to continue working until your place looks, "Like it never even happened.” No matter how big or small the job, we are here to help!

Top Mold Damage Costs Explained

1/17/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Top Mold Damage Costs Explained Testing for mold

3 Costs To Expect When It Comes To Mold Remediation

The average homeowner may not have an estimate for removing mold, but they know that it’s costly. Understanding what is involved in removing mold form your Houston,TX , home can help you know how much to expect to spend. Here are the top three costs to expect when it comes to mold remediation.

Why Mold Happens

Mold is the product of microorganisms that can grow inside or out, on most any surface so long as the environment is moist and dark. Indoors, some of the most common places for mold are:

  •  Leaky roofs
  • Beneath sinks
  • Crawl spaces

Since black mold removal is a multi-step process that must be done properly to ensure mold doesn’t keep coming back, it can be costly.

Mold Inspection

One of the first costs involved with mold removal is the mold inspection itself. This is when an expert comes in to examine your home, looking at potential problem areas. This can range from looking in obvious places like attics to more out of the way places, like air ducts. Expect to pay $300 to $900.

Mold Testing

Testing for mold is another way this fungus can cost you big. Mold isn’t always visible to the naked eye and in some cases, its smell is the only clue. Mold testing samples air to find toxins produced by mold. This can cost of a few hundred dollars.

Mold Remediation

The actual removal of mold and restoration of mold-damaged property is where prices are highest. This can involve replacing drywall and carpeting, as well as deep cleaning and deodorizing fabrics. It’s not uncommon to pay upwards of $6,000 or even much more.

Mold removal can cost a pretty penny, but the cost of not removing it - to your home and your health - is much higher. If mold is bothering you, call up your local mold remediation expert to start the removal process.

Is Water Damage Preventable?

1/16/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Is Water Damage Preventable? Damage ceiling in a Spring Valley, TX residence

It is not possible to rule out every kind of water damage. A flood or another unexpected event can introduce water to dry areas of a residence in  Spring Valley, TX. Homeowners should take measures to limit the likelihood of unwanted water in home due to broken pipes, leaky appliances, or a damaged roof.

Pipe Breaks

Pipes typically break due to damage or pressure build-up caused by a blockage. There are several ways to prevent either issue from arising:

  • Have plumbing regularly inspected
  • Insulate pipes and drip faucets in below-freezing weather
  • Shut off water during trips out of town

A broken pipe can quickly cause extensive damage. As soon as a homeowner notices a pipe has burst, he or she should shut off the main water supply and try to remove as much water as possible. A water damage restoration company can be helpful for pipe cleanup.

Appliance Leaks

Appliance leaks are another common cause of water in home. Regular inspection of dishwashers, HVAC units, water heaters, and washing machines can prevent leaks from becoming severe. Leaks may become apparent in several places:

  • Around or under the appliance
  • Near supply hoses
  • Near drainage

Keep in mind that condensation may tend to develop in certain parts of a home. This moisture is not caused by a leak, but should be prevented if possible.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks may start subtly and result in major damage to insulation, ceilings, or interiors. Regularly inspect the condition of a roof and look for damaged or missing shingles or pooling water. Homeowners may want to schedule a professional inspection annually or after severe storms.

Regular inspections of plumbing, appliances, and roofing can identify potential causes of water in home damage. Homeowners may perform periodic inspections, but licensed plumbers, appliance specialists, and roofers can recommend maintenance that could prevent water damage at a residence in Spring Valley, TX.

Smoke and Odor Cleaning After a Commercial Fire

1/9/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Smoke and Odor Cleaning After a Commercial Fire Ozone treatment uses oxidation to capture smoke from the air

If your Houston, TX, business has sustained a fire, there's likely a lot of work needed to get your building back to its former condition. If you're lucky, there's a minimum of structural damage, but you may still have a significant amount of smoke damage and smoke odor.

So What's the Best Way to Deal With it?

If you try to take care of the problem on your own using off-the-shelf products, it could take several weeks, and you may still not get the desired result. Your best bet is to contact a fire remediation company. The professionals can perform a thorough smoke cleaning using tools designed specifically for the task and get the job done within a few days. The restoration company typically uses the following equipment:

  • Air scrubbers
  • Ozone machines
  • Thermal foggers

Air Scrubbers

Air scrubbers use filtration to pull smoke out of the building. The air is forced through a series of filters, then returned after all particulates have been completely removed. The most common types of filters used are activated carbon, HEPA (high efficiency particulate air), and specialized odor-eliminating varieties.

Ozone Machines

Ozone treatment uses oxidation to capture smoke from the air. Ozone contains three oxygen molecules. When released into the air, it oxidizes the smoke and neutralizes the odor. Besides its superior smoke cleaning properties, ozone treatment has the added advantage of working as a disinfectant.

Thermal Foggers

Some lingering smoke odor may be hard to reach with other methods, in which case thermal foggers are employed. Using heat and pressure, tiny droplets are diffused into porous surfaces. This method can be used to get into any area where smoke has penetrated, making it much easier to clean and deodorize.

Getting rid of smoke damage after a commercial fire is a big job. While it's possible to perform odor and smoke cleaning on your own, hiring a professional fire restoration company to do the work can ensure that the job is done quickly, safely and completely.

5 Things You Should Know About Water Damage

12/31/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage 5 Things You Should Know About Water Damage A pipe break saturated the walls of this room in Houton, TX

5 Things You Should Know About Water Damage

Floods come in all sizes. Small floods can come from a pipe burst. Large ones can come from a river overflowing its banks. If you have never experienced a flood, there is a lot to learn. Here are five facts about water damage that you may not know.
1. You can experience all categories of floods without leaving your home in Houston,TX. The level of water contamination determines a flood’s category. As the numbers go up, the contamination gets progressively worse.

  • Category 1 is a clean-water flood which would occur if a water pipe burst under a sink.
  • Category 2 can be called a grey-water flood which would occur if your dishwasher overflowed or a sink or shower drain failed.
  • Category 3 is a blackwater flood which could be caused by sewers backing up into your home and overflowing your toilet, showers or sinks.

2. Drywall above the water line is salvageable. A flood cut is a horizontal cut made around the room 12 to 18 inches about the highest high-water mark.

3. The biggest danger after any flooding event is mold. It is everywhere around us just waiting for a source of moisture and food. Once it gets established, the cost of the cleanup increases.

4. During and after a flood, avoid everything electrical. Electricity should be shut off. If it isn’t, avoid standing water and leave everything electrical alone. Appliances and electronics are often salvageable if they are delivered to a restoration facility the way they were after the flood.

5. Water damage restoration specialists have special skills and equipment for dealing with floods. They can remediate the damage and bring your life back to normal quickly.

Fortunately, most of us are not going to experience anything worse than a pipe burst or a roof leak. Even though both have the potential for extreme damage, both are insignificant compared to the water damage from home-consuming floods that one sees on the TV news.

3 Reasons To Board Up After a Fire

12/31/2018 (Permalink)

An emergency board up is a critical fire damage mitigation measure. This process involves covering broken windows, destroyed doors, and any holes in the walls of a structure with plywood. Here are three reasons why homeowners should board up damaged houses or hire professionals who provide this service.

1. Limiting Damage

Boarding up a residence can prevent precipitation from adding to the water damage inside and keep out debris. Anything that enters into a residence damaged by fire is likely to cause secondary damage or make primary damage worse. Boarding up can help to prevent the damage from worsening before cleanup and restoration take place.

2. Preventing Unauthorized Entry

Boarding up can also help to keep trespassers out of a damaged residence. In addition to the risks of property theft, stripping metal, or vandalism, every visitor to the site of a fire can exacerbate damage. Ash and soot will become more ground into flooring with every footstep. A board up is also the best way to limit liability for persons who sustain injuries on the site of a fire.

3. Insurance Purposes

Insurers want to see proof that homeowners have done everything they can to keep fire damage from worsening. A homeowner may be able to obtain an advance to help cover mitigation costs. It is a good idea to document the full extent of the damage prior to boarding up.

These are three reasons to board up a damaged residence after a fire. It may be possible for a homeowner to perform this task with the assistance of at least one other person. This effort will require a sufficient amount of plywood and nails to cover all openings. A professional mitigation service can ensure that an emergency board up is done properly, and will not run the risk of exposing the interior of a damaged home in Spring Valley,TX.

What Happens When My Pipes Freeze?

12/31/2018 (Permalink)

As a business owner in Hilshire Village,TX, you're always trying to stay ahead of maintenance problems in your building, including water damage. You may think you've got everything covered, but have you considered what happens if your pipes freeze? When this happens, the water inside expands, pushing on the pipes and causing them to burst. The resulting damage and water cleanup can cost you a great deal of money. But, happily, this problem may be prevented by following the tips outlined below.

1. Keep Temperatures Stable

Make sure that the building temperature always stays the same. This will help keep the pipes from weakening due to expansion and contraction, thus preventing broken pipes and water damage. If the building will be unoccupied for a while, keep the heat on. Set the thermostat to 55 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

2. Use Insulation

Make sure to insulate any pipes that are exposed, especially the ones in colder or unheated places like crawlspaces and basements. The more insulation you can use, the better.

3. Run the Faucets

If it gets really cold, let the faucets run at a trickle. Even a very slow drip can be sufficient. As long as the water is running, it may freeze inside the pipes, but pressure won't build up, so it won't cause bursting.

4. Close or Open Valves

Close any inside valves that supply water to the outside. Open the outside valves to let any water in the pipes run out.

5. If You Find a Frozen Pipe

If you turn on a tap during cold weather and only a trickle comes out, it's probably due to a frozen pipe. The pipe is probably outside along an exterior wall, or in the foundation where the water line enters the house. Apply heat to the pipe using a hair dryer or a heating pad. Keep the water running while you treat the pipe.

If you've already found a frozen pipe and water damage has occurred, it may be best to consult with a professional water mitigation specialist right away. Hopefully, this is not the case, and by following the preventative measures shown above, you can easily prevent a burst pipe.