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3 Ways To Prevent Mold in Your Bathroom

7/20/2020 (Permalink)

Black mold growing on shower grouted joints tile and appear on the ceramic wall in bathroom Black mold on tiles of bathroom

Ways To Prevent Mold Growth In Your Bathroom

Your bathroom will always have a lot of moisture, whether you live in Hilshire Village, TX, or another city. It’s difficult to keep water damage from building up in a room where you take showers and baths.
Here are a few ways you can prevent mold growth in your bathroom.

Replace Caulking When You Notice Mold Growth
Water gets behind the tiles through holes and tears in the caulk, leading to mold and mildew buildup. You can easily replace bathroom caulk in five steps.

  1. Apply a caulk remover.
  2. Use a caulk remover tool to pry off the caulk.
  3. Use a small brush or putty knife to get rid of any loose bits.
  4. Clean the area with alcohol so the caulk will adhere to the tiles.
  5. Once the space is dry, apply a mold- and mildew-resistant caulk with a caulk gun.

Remove Moisture With Air Vents
Run the fan during your shower or bath and leave it on for at least 30 minutes after. It will take the moisture out of the air and send it outside, preventing water damage. Fans come with a CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating that tells you if it’s strong enough for your space. You can calculate the CFM you need by multiplying the room’s square footage by 1.1 for 8-foot ceilings or 1.5 for 9-foot ceilings.

Clean Your Bathroom
Take charge of mold prevention in your bathroom with a few simple cleaning supplies. Sponges and squeegees help you remove moisture from bath tiles and shower doors. Keep surfaces clean by spraying them with a product that kills mold, such as bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or vinegar. Use only one of these products, as mixing them can cause dangerous fumes or reactions.
If your bathroom has too much water damage, you might want to hire a mold remediation company to come in and remove the mold. They have the equipment and training to take care of substantial mold problems.

How To Choose the Right Company for Fire Recovery

7/2/2020 (Permalink)

Servpro vans parked SERVPRO of Town and Country can help you take care of fire damage

How To Choose the Right Company for Fire Recovery

The aftermath of a business fire can be an overwhelming time. A number of restoration companies advertise in Spring Valley, TX, but how do you determine which company will do quality work and save you money? A professional fire remediation franchise that has the following characteristics is probably a solid choice:

  • Trained technicians
  • Advanced equipment
  • High standards
  • Fast Response
  • Excellent customer service
  • Professional methods

A capable franchise will also be able to handle just about any situation with fire damage. Each fire is different and calls for a versatile, flexible approach to problems. That is where quality training and continuing education pays off.

Working With a Comprehensive Company

After a fire, you are bound to have your hands full. You want to work with a fire remediation company that can do it all and take care of fire damage. This saves you from having to contact a variety of contractors and making sure they will arrive and accomplish cleanup tasks to acceptable standards. A full-service company can perform an inspection and assessment of the property and keep you informed of what needs to be done and how long it will take. You will be communicating with the project manager, who will also be working closely with your insurance adjuster. The claims process runs smoother when you work with a company that is the preferred vendor for many local and national insurance carriers.

Partnering With the Best in Fire Mitigation

A quality fire restoration company follows the guidelines for the best practices in the cleanup industry. This means the work will be done right the first time. It also means that work is done safely and approved cleaning agents are used. Best of all, you can feel confident that the smallest details of the job will be completed without anything being overlooked. All instances of fire damage will be taken care to your satisfaction.

What To Know About Item Restoration After a Fire

6/8/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damaging an electronic SERVPRO logo on the picture Electronics damaged by fire

What To Know About Item Restoration After a Fire

After a fire in your Bunker Hill Village, TX, home you may want to contact a local restoration service to help with the fire cleanup. Part of the restoration process involves cleaning and repairing any damaged household items. This can include a variety of objects you may not have expected.

1. Electronic Items

One of the first worries may be your electronic items. Fortunately, the restoration professionals working on your home should be able to clean any soot out of these items depending on damage severity. Examples of these include computers, tablets, phones, televisions, and gaming systems. In the case, a computer or tablet is beyond saving they may still be able to move any data into a new device.

2. Large Items

During a fire cleanup, many large items such as furniture may seem difficult to wash. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions for this problem. Spray on cleaners can be used to remove soot from solid surface items, while a special machine and cleaning solution can be used for upholstery. There are even dry cleaning methods available for moisture-sensitive items.

3. Paper Items

There’s even a procedure to help recover paper items from smoke damage. This may include books, paintings, posters, documents, and letters. Paper goods damp from fire suppression efforts can be freeze-dried to preserve their structural integrity. vacuum thermal drying may also be used depending on damage severity. Once dry the professional can begin removing any remaining odor.

Part of a fire cleanup includes cleaning and repairing household items. A variety of items including electronics, large furniture, and even paper goods can all be restored by a professional depending on damage severity. The exact methods used may depend on the material the item is composed of and can include wet and dry cleaning solutions. If you have any questions your restoration team should be able to help.

How SERVPRO Helps Adjusters Serve Clients Better

6/8/2020 (Permalink)

Business people shaking hands. We use this adjuster to adjuster relationship to ensure the best success for all of our clients

How SERVPRO Helps Adjusters Serve Clients Better

When disaster strikes in Houston, TX, business owners turn to you, their insurance adjuster, for guidance and assistance. Working with a capable and committed team of professionals to help resolve the insurance claim helps you best serve your clients. It's crucial to manage claim costs but also provide the best services for your clients, so SERVPRO prioritizes mitigation results as well as customer satisfaction.

1. Commitment to Adjusters and Clients
As a preferred vendor for many insurance companies, SERVPRO is dedicated to helping you navigate your clients' claims effectively. You have a lot on your plate and you need to deliver top results. A quality emergency disaster response team helps you by performing top-notch restoration work and communicating with your client on project updates. Response teams who offer 24-hour service are your best choice.

2. Commitment to Documentation and Communication
Disaster response and recovery projects can be complex. Our Claims Information Center has everything you need to make the best decisions for the project. With fast, accurate, and reliable information at your fingertips, you're in the best position to manage the claim. Professional damage mitigation processes coupled with a complete electronic job file make your job as the insurance adjuster easier and smoother. You have full access to the job file, job cost data, and comparisons to industry standards with the click of your mouse.

3. Commitment to Standards and Service
We know you must choose your vendors wisely. As leaders in the fire and water cleanup and restoration industry, all of our technicians are trained to IICRC standards and you can trust that only qualified vendors will be assigned to your projects. We offer a Customer Care Center and have a local presence as well as the resources and reach of the corporate office to best serve you and your customer.
As an insurance adjuster, you need to focus on the insurance claim and policy, not haggle with vendors. SERVPRO is dedicated to delivering quality restoration and customer service in all aspects of the project.

How To Clean Up a Water Heater Leak

5/22/2020 (Permalink)

Closeup of a rusty and leaking water heater A leaking water heater should be handled with care

How To Clean Up a Water Heater Leak

Are you having trouble getting enough hot water? Do you notice strange sounds coming from the tank? Maybe you're seeing puddles or drips that haven't occurred before? These are signs of a leaking water heater. You deserve a warm shower without water damage. With that in mind, residents in Hilshire Village, TX, should act swiftly to remedy the issue. Here are five steps to assist in alleviating your water heating needs.

1. Seek Professional Advice
Where do you start? A water restoration company understands the importance of remediation and repair. Contact a reputable business within your area, asking for immediate arrival. They have equipment and experience, making the process smoother and more efficient.

2. Turn Off the Electricity
Your failed water heater is a hazard for you and the family. Therefore, as you wait for the professionals, protect your home and everyone in it by shutting off the electrical circuit to that zone.

3. Request Testing
Begin by determining the extent of property damage. This is important in ensuring that future complications don't arise. The crew can assess if the moisture invaded the foundation or the drywall, offering a complete picture of your replacement needs. They can also work on the leaking water heater, figuring out why the device broke. If possible, they can fix it. If they can't, they'll arrange for a new unit to be installed.

4. Remove Water
Lingering liquid can create a musty odor or damage walls. This fluid needs extraction, so the team should use dehumidifiers to draw out the excess humidity.

5. Restore the Area
Once the broken water heater is removed and the new piece is installed, specialists will begin to rebuild your room. This often includes putting in new baseboards and drywall. Painting or patching takes place to get everything back to normal.
A leaking water heater should be handled with care. Think about your safety by cutting the electricity off. Then, begin to work with a restoration team that can lead you through the appropriate remediation steps.

Common Commercial Bathroom Problems and Ways To Avoid Them

5/6/2020 (Permalink)

Clogged toilet A clogged toilet is sometimes caused by thick toilet paper

Common Commercial Bathroom Problems

Nearly everyone has had the unpleasant experience of going into a public restroom and finding it in disarray. It could be the presence of paper towels and trash on the floor, or a shallow sheet of water trickling out from one of the stalls. The situation could be caused by flawed custodial staffing, or by a mechanical problem such as a clogged toilet. Not only are situations like this unsanitary and detrimental to a company's image, they can also cause injuries and property damage. To prevent water damage, a qualified water mitigation team in Spring Valley, TX, should be called in to assess the situation and remove any standing water.

Simple Restroom Solutions
The majority of issues with bathroom leaks and flooding can be resolved with a few smart practices. The following steps go a long way toward a cleaner, healthier, and dryer restroom:

  • Adequate staffing
  • Trained custodians
  • Proper use of materials
  • Regular emptying of wastebaskets
  • Clear signage
  • Regular maintenance

A clogged toilet is sometimes caused by thick toilet paper. A thinner brand is less likely to result in a clogged toilet. An air dryer can reduce the amount of paper products that could wind up in the wrong place. Additionally, overflowing wastebaskets promote the practice of throwing trash in the toilets, which can clog the toilet. Most people want to do the right thing, so signage that explains what items can be flushed down the toilet may be helpful.

Complicated Restroom Issues
Whenever a toilet overflow results in sewage being present in a public restroom, the area should be closed until the situation is resolved. This usually requires the services of a professional team equipped with personal protective gear. The contaminated water should be removed and the area cleaned and disinfected to high standards. Porous materials such as drywall may need to be replaced. A clogged toilet is a common problem in commercial restrooms, but if not addressed quickly it can become a serious liability.

4 Stages of a Roof Leak

5/6/2020 (Permalink)

Close up view of man using removing rotten wood from leaky roof. Regularly inspect the condition of the roof on a commercial building in Hilshire Village, TX

4 Stages of a Roof Leak

A roof leak can cause water damage gradually or quickly. Here are four stages through which a leak may proceed, from an initial incident to further damage that increases the risk of black mold.

1. Roof Damage Occurs
Any damage a roof suffers may cause a leak. Falling branches, flying debris, high winds or large hail can undermine roofing. Missing materials or a broken seal could permit water to work its way down through lower layers of roofing and penetrate the building envelope.

2. Membrane or Underlayment Suffers Damage
Depending on the type of roof, a lower layer membrane or underlayment may be the next to sustain damage. These materials protect the roof deck and interior of a structure. More extensive or prolonged damage may allow water to work through these protective layers. Even if roof damage is identified before the interior of a structure is affected, these layers of roofing may require repairs.

3. Insulation and Interior Suffers Damage
Once water penetrates through a roof, insulation is often the next layer of a structure to suffer water damage. Cellulose insulation that becomes saturated will need to be torn out and replaced to reduce the risk of black mold. Water leaking into a structure can eventually cause a ceiling leak and interior water damage.

4. Mold Risk Rises
Any damp materials increase the risk of mold in a building. As water damage may not be immediately apparent and the attic may remain undisturbed for long stretches of time, a roof leak is likely to support the growth of mold.
Regularly inspect the condition of the roof on a commercial building in Hilshire Village, TX, especially after severe weather. Fix any damage as soon as possible. Once water leaks into lower layers of roofing, insulation, or the interior of a structure, more extensive repairs, restoration, or black mold remediation may be necessary.

Top Mold Damage Costs Explained

4/24/2020 (Permalink)

Person hand measuring the wetness of a moldy wall Testing for mold

3 Costs To Expect When It Comes To Mold Remediation

The average homeowner may not have an estimate for removing mold, but they know that it’s costly. Understanding what is involved in removing mold form your Houston,TX , home can help you know how much to expect to spend. Here are the top three costs to expect when it comes to mold remediation.

Why Mold Happens

Mold is the product of microorganisms that can grow inside or out, on most any surface so long as the environment is moist and dark. Indoors, some of the most common places for mold are:

  • Leaky roofs
  • Beneath sinks
  • Crawl spaces

Since black mold removal is a multi-step process that must be done properly to ensure mold doesn’t keep coming back, it can be costly.

Mold Inspection

One of the first costs involved with mold removal is the mold inspection itself. This is when an expert comes in to examine your home, looking at potential problem areas. This can range from looking in obvious places like attics to more out of the way places, like air ducts. Expect to pay $300 to $900.

Mold Testing

Testing for mold is another way this fungus can cost you big. Mold isn’t always visible to the naked eye and in some cases, its smell is the only clue. Mold testing samples air to find toxins produced by mold. This can cost of a few hundred dollars.

Mold Remediation

The actual removal of mold and restoration of mold-damaged property is where prices are highest. This can involve replacing drywall and carpeting, as well as deep cleaning and deodorizing fabrics. It’s not uncommon to pay upwards of $6,000 or even much more.

Mold removal can cost a pretty penny, but the cost of not removing it - to your home and your health - is much higher. If mold is bothering you, call up your local mold remediation expert to start the removal process.

What Affects the Severity of Hail Damage

4/24/2020 (Permalink)

Insurance adjuster marked the hail damage on a insureds roof. Hail damage on the roof

Hail damage to the roof of your house can be devastating. Following a hailstorm, you should check your roof and address any problems immediately. Otherwise, water could enter your home from holes in the roof and flood the property.

What Affects the Severity of Hail Damage?

Some hailstorms can cause little or no damage to your Houston, TX, home. Others, however, can create disastrous holes in your roof. How much harm hail creates depends on several factors:

  • Density and size of the hail
  • Home barriers
  • Wind
  • The state of the roof

Obviously, the larger and more dense the hailstones, the more damage they can cause. The size of hailstones varies wildly based on the storm. The stones can be as large as a softball or as small as a pea.
Certain barriers can also shield your home from hailstones. If you have fences or large trees near your house, your roof could be spared from major damage.
Hailstones are not the only feature of hailstorms. They also usually include high winds. The speed and direction of this wind can affect the amount of hail damage to the roof.
Finally, certain characteristics of the roof itself can affect how susceptible it is to harm from hailstorms. Hail can ding aluminum sidings but cause cracks in vinyl sidings. Roofs that are older or poorly maintained could also get damaged more easily.

What Are Signs of Hail Damage?
To be safe, you should inspect your roof after every hailstorm. Of course, not every roof defect is caused by hail. However, if your composition or asphalt shingles look shiny or lose granules, they may have been affected by hail. Wood shingles, meanwhile, could have sharp or brown splits as a result of hail. If you notice any of these issues, contact hail damage repair specialists immediately.
Depending on the nature of your home and the size of the storm, hail damage to the roof can be extensive. To limit the harm to your property, keep the roof well-maintained, and fix any defects right away.

Tips on Creating an Effective Fire Escape Plan

4/14/2020 (Permalink)

Escape plan If you don't have a fire escape plan, create one today

Chances are good that you'll never have to worry about dealing with a fire in the workplace. However, in the off chance you experience this emergency, you'll want to be ready to be prepared. Responsible businesses in Bunker Hill Village, TX, create a fire escape plan. Putting one in place can help put your mind at ease that in the case of a disaster, you and your co-workers can be safe.

Know Your Building

You go to work five days a week, but how well do you know the layout and design of your office? If a fire starts, everyone will need to know how to exit quickly and orderly. Identify these key areas of your office:

  • Where the fire escapes are on each floor
  • Where to find the fire alarm and how to set it off
  • Any barriers to exiting or areas that could
  • pose safety concerns during a fire.

Assign Roles

The last thing you need during a fire is for people to panic. Make sure you give responsible people key tasks to fulfill. In your emergency escape plan, there should be a floor warden for each level of the building. This person is in charge of creating the plan and checking areas such as the bathroom once a fire starts. A floor monitor makes sure everyone gets out safely and that no one is left in the building. Also, assign someone to direct people out of the building through the correct exits.

Create a Map

Everyone should have a visual representation of the fire escape plan. The map should clearly show where to meet outside of the building and how traffic should flow from each floor.

Practice It

At least once a year, your organization should stage a fire escape drill. Emphasize getting everyone out with order but purpose.
If you don't have a fire escape plan, create one today. Firefighters and professional fire cleanup crews will do their job. Yours is to get everyone to safety.