Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire damaged stove.

Fire Damage Cleanup Houston, TX

Even a small kitchen fire can cause significant damage to your Houston, TX, home, or business. Aside from fire damage, your property can suffer from soot and smoke damage as well. Our SERVPRO of Town & Country crew offers fire damage cleanup and restoration services. We also offer odor removal services to keep your home smelling fresh and smoke-free.

Fire Damage Houston TX Home

The wiring for this light was the culprit of this fire. The fire burned through the drywall and the oxygen helped it get through the roof. The resulting damage  was smoke throughout the entire house. SERVPRO of Town and Country can help after a fire.

Soot Damage in High School

The picture shows how our technician is cleaning soot and smoke from the walls of this school gymnasium. The fire had started in one of the garbage cans of the school but the smoke collected in the gym causing the walls to blacken.

Fire Damaged School

The walls of this school were covered in soot and smoke. The fire sprinklers had gone off only after the smoke had made its way through the halls. The picture shows how the water had streaked the soot along the wall.

Home Fire in Spring Valley, TX

A fire in Spring Valley, Texas just about gutted this home. The damage blackend even the exposed metal studs in the walls. We were glad nobody was hurt and were also happy to help this family back into their home.

Utility Room Fire

Utility rooms have many functioning electrical parts. Whether it is in a commercial building or in a residential garage utility rooms often have fires. This fire was small but it did leave the walls covered in soot and smoke damage.

Cleaning Fire Damaged Content

After a fire there is a lot of stuff that needs to be cleaned. Not only is there the burned structure but all the linens, clothes, and furniture within the home needs to be cleaned. The picture shows all the stuff that was able to be returned to the home.