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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Mold Infested Apartment in Houston, TX

This Houston business discovered extensive mold growth in one of their vacant units, thanks to high humidity and little ventilation. Businesses are always at... READ MORE

Fire Damage to Houston Home

This family’s Houston home suffered fire damage caused by a kitchen fire. It’s always devastating when a family experiences a house fire, but SERVPR... READ MORE

Houston Office Water Damage

Houston Office Water Damage A broken water line created several inches of standing water in this local Humble business. SERVPRO of Town & Country worked a... READ MORE

Houston Storm Damage

Houston Storm Damage This family’s Memorial home suffered severe damage after a recent storm. Thankfully they called SERVPRO of Town & Country and we... READ MORE

Houston Water Damage in Town & Country

Houston Water Damage in Town & Country This Houston Office suffered serious damage after a recent storm. Standing water affected the carpets throughout ... READ MORE

Garden Tub Leaking Caused Mold Damage in Houston, TX

Garden Tub Leaking Caused Mold Damage in Houston, TX This Houston family discovered microbial growth in their home, caused by a pipe burst in the walls that w... READ MORE

Church Large Loss in Houston, TX

When it comes to flood damage it can have devastating effects. According to the IICRC a flood is considered black water or category 3; containing contaminates a... READ MORE

Cleaning Services

Whether for General Cleaning or Disaster Restoration SERVPRO of Town and Country can handle the call. This decorative rug was part of a home loss causing it to ... READ MORE

Water Loss in a Church, Houston TX

Having a large water loss is not something to look forward to. This church did not expect to have to call SERVPRO of Town and Country but were happy that we wer... READ MORE

School Fire Cleanup, Houston, TX

This school had a fire that started within their Chemistry lab. The fire caused a lot of smoke to push through the school leaving soot damage along the walls an... READ MORE

Flooding in Large Church

The assembly hall of this large church had the most damage as it is lower than the main floor. The flood water rushed through the doors and down the stairs pool... READ MORE

Large Commercial Loss in a Church

SERVPRO Town and Country was called to clean this large church as a referral from the insurance agency. SERVPRO has contracts with many insurance carriers to as... READ MORE

Fire Loss in large warehouse.

Warehouses often suffer fire damage. They house chemicals, equipment, and other storage items that are flammable. During extreme heat all the materials start to... READ MORE

Fire Loss in Houston School

Fire can be very devastating but luckily for this school it was mainly smoke damage. The smoke traveled throughout the school covering it with soot. The heat fr... READ MORE

Houston, TX School is Flooded

One of the more intricate jobs that SERVPRO of Town and Country has done is this school and specifically the library. The books were not extremely wet but the h... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Spring Valley, TX

The Texas storms can be very devastating and this Spring Valley home had the full brunt of it this year. The rain and wind had come through the ceilings and wal... READ MORE

Moldy Drywall in Houston, TX

The couple who owned this home suffered a supply line break in their kitchen. It flooded the area but they didn't think it would be too terrible and cleaned the... READ MORE

Mold Along Baseboards

Because of a broken pipe this family had water wick up their walls. The mold started growing along the baseboards and walls within 48 hours of the water loss. ... READ MORE

Raised Flooring Hiding Water Damage

Raised Flooring Hiding Water Damage The flooring in this commercial building had been hiding a small water damage. It went unnoticed for a while until someone c... READ MORE

Houston Storm Damage

This home had a lot of damage both inside and outside. Their roof had been damaged and the water came through flooding half the home. Calling SERVPRO of Town an... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Houston Home

A storm had come through causing this home to have a lot of different damages. First the roof had been damaged flooding the home. A lot of the ceiling was wet f... READ MORE

Flooded Commercial Building

Flooding from outside water is always more devastating than from an indoor source such as a supply line or broken pipe. Outside flooding comes with dirt, sand, ... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning in Houston, TX

During a fire there is a lot of smoke and soot that travel throughout the building. There usually is a smoke line around the tops of halls and rooms. These dama... READ MORE

Houston, TX School Fire

Schools are often vandalized by their students but starting a garbage can on fire is going too far. The damage to the school was mainly from the smoke that trav... READ MORE

Mold Damaged Home

Coming home to a flooded home can be very disheartening but seeing mold is even worse. The homeowners couldn't believe their eyes when they came home after vaca... READ MORE

Moldy Home in Houston, TX

The mold in this home grew because of a water damage that flooded all of the first floor. By the time SERVPRO of Town and Country were called a lot of the water... READ MORE

Bunker Hill Village Home Damage

This home in Bunker Hill Village was thoroughly soaked after a water pipe broke in the ceiling. The water continued to pool and then finally ran down the walls ... READ MORE