What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

Trusting someone with my home is hard for me. I have never felt comfortable with someone touching my belongings, although, I needed someone to pack up my entire house due to a pipe leak that caused terrible flooding. I googled and decided to give SERVPRO a try. I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and polite the crew was. They assured me they would take care of everything and make sure everything is clean before packing it away. I have since received all my things back, and they are all in perfect condition! Thank you thank you thank you!

Your wonderful crew just left my house. The delivery guys who picked up the furniture and brought it back are wonderful. They sure work very hard. And your unpacking crew helped me so much and I appreciate everything they did. They were all professional and very nice people again thumbs up to SERVPRO.

Great friendly,professional service. Jean Foty has helped me twice recently. She definitely added a personal touch that helped minimize any headaches. I would unhesitatingly recommend SERVPRO!

Amazing service. I have had to use them 4 times and they could not be more helpful, particularly Jeannie. Totally trustworthy and honest, which is so rare these days!

It doesn't get any more honest than turning down a job as unnecessary! We had SERVPRO Town & Country come to our home to give an estimate on mold remediation in our ceiling, after a leak in our roof. They could easily have quoted us $500 or $1,000 to spend a couple of hours cleaning and applying biocides or whatever. But, no.They said we'd already done everything we needed to do, and we didn't need their services. They even pointed out what we need to do before we have the ceiling repaired.

Outstanding, prompt, personal and professional service!

I know these folks. If you need help from professionals that care, call them.

We were very happy with SERVPRO!! They were helpful and professional!!  I hope we do not need them again but if we do I will not hesitate to call them!!

The experience was excellent. The men were professional, polite, helpful and got the job done in as little time as possible. I would highly recommend the service.

The gentlemen that came to my home were the best. They made my disaster turn into a doable situation...they were very professional. I have no complaints.

Very personable. They remained with me until all my questions were answered and even went out of their way when I had to deal with the upstair's neighbor which caused the water damage in the first place. Excellent customer service, professions and excellent follow up. Congratulations, these gentlemen were trained well and gave exceptional service. Thank you in advance.

Excellent work, completed quickly and thoroughly.