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Black Mold Is Dangerous – Contact A Specialist

7/20/2017 (Permalink)

Black Mold Is Dangerous – Contact A Specialist

Black mold is known as ‘stachybotrys’ and is a very dangerous fungus. Mold growth and mildew are very toxic, especially when found indoors. When left untreated, mold growth becomes a health hazard for family and friends.

Mold growth is also damaging to homes and can ruin the integrity of a building by causing dry rot and producing a musty odor. A dry rot is decayed wood caused by certain species of fungi that digest parts of the wood.

Mold produces a gas, some of which are odorless, but black mold is the type to give off a smelly odor. Only a remediation technician can use deodorization techniques to rid your home or business of unhealthy air.

Mold in home survives wherever there is moisture, water, and limited ventilation, like a basement, a crawl space, an attic or mold growth behind wall.

Water problems can originate from a flood, a burst pipe, leaking roof or other plumbing issues. If not attended to quickly, a smelly odor and dry rot are not the only issues, the family’s health is also at stake.

If mold in home is not remedied professionally, then the mold and mildew will return. Homeowners should not try to remove any black mold because it will cause their spores to disperse. This means that the air conditioning or heater in the contaminated area should be turned off to keep mold spores from spreading.

Not all fungus is black mold, there are other color and types of mold. Always contact a qualified mold remediation company immediately. Mold mitigation should only be handled by professional remediation specialists.

Residential and commercial mold damage experts are trained for all types of mold removal problems. Restoration company experts are skilled and trained to clean, sanitize, and they will put in place deodorization processes to keep homes safe and healthy.

Mold damage experts can bring deodorization techniques and other solutions to get rid of mold fungus and mildew odors. A restoration company is an all-inclusive mitigation and mold removal service.

If visible mold growth is discovered on moist or wet painted wall surfaces, you can be sure that there is mold growth behind wall. The environment inside walls is ideal for the start of fungus and mildew growth. The longer the wall remains wet, it is guaranteed that the fungus behind the wall will be worse than what can be seen.

Certified mold removal specialists are trained to treat commercial mold damage and residential mold damage. As remediation experts, they have the training and experience to perform the following:

• Keep mold damage contained within the smallest area possible.
• Dry contents and materials so that mold will not return.
• Evaluate mold growth behind wall and throughout the home.
• Identify moisture sources.
• Perform mitigation procedures to return property to a preloss condition.
• Physically remove contamination and more.

Any home or business with mold damage is a dangerous dwelling. Only a mold removal restoration company can get mold levels back to a natural level. With their industry-approved remediation tools and equipment, mold in a home or business will be a thing of the past.

If there is any doubt that there is a hidden mold problem, a fungus gives off a smelly odor which causes allergens. The smelly odor is a by-product of its dry rot causation. Call the local mitigation professionals in the person of a reliable restoration company. Residential and commercial mold damage specialists will perform an assessment, then restore or clean the property.

As mildew and black mold experts in deodorization, a restoration company can quickly identify and eliminate an offensive or smelly odor. Structural mold odors can come from both indoors and outdoors.

Mitigation professionals will succinctly find the origin of any mold problem, like mold growth behind wall and they will determine the mold in home surface locations. Then that smelly odor can eventually be removed without any signs.

Contact a mold removal and inspection specialist today. Whether mold growth behind wall or out in the open, they can help commercial mold damage in any industry, as well as residential mold damage in any size home.
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