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How Landscaping Protects Your Building

8/5/2020 (Permalink)

Garden flowers in rain. Summer flower background. Natural backgrounds With rain gardens, you can provide a place for the water to pool

How To Protect Properties From Heavy Rainfall

When heavy storms hit, outside flooding can cause damage to your landscape and your building. If your property is not properly protected, storm waters can find their way inside and cause damage to basements, crawlspaces, or other areas. Fortunately, there are several common techniques that are used to protect properties from heavy rainfall.

1. Planting a Rain Garden
With rain gardens, you can provide a place for the water to pool, which slows the rain drainage and reduces the amount of water going where you do not want it to go. To create a low maintenance rain garden, use native plants and place plants with the highest wet-soil tolerance toward the middle of the garden.

2. Appling Heavy Mulch
Mulch made of pine or other lightweight materials can easily be swept away by a heavy rain storm. By using heavier hardwood or man-made mulches, you can keep chips from being swept away or clogging drains.

3. Using a Swale
A swale, which is a depression in a landscape, is used to redirect water drainage. You can slow the water's path by placing rocks in the bottom or putting plants with deep roots along the sides. To slow or prevent outside flooding, direct the water coming out of the swale into rocks, a rain garden, or gardens that contain plants with deep roots.

4. Installing Downspouts
Make sure that as the water rolls off your building, it is directed far away from your foundation or other areas you are concerned about. A downspout diverter is used to release the water into a location where it follows a natural downward path away from your property.
Outside flooding can cause a lot of damage when the water has nowhere to go. Luckily, once the proper safeguards are put in place, your risk of damage becomes much lower. If you have already sustained water damage in Bunker Hill Village, TX, a professional water remediation company can help get your business back to its pre-flood condition.

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