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Get the Facts on Mold

3/23/2020 (Permalink)

Aspergillus Niger is green and pink mold Aspergillus, mold found in food and heating and cooling systems

Get the Facts on Mold

Mold is not as complicated as quantum physics, but it is still an area that harbors a number of misconceptions. As with just about anything, it is important to get the facts right. Mold is a fungus. A number of different mold types can be found in a home, including the following strains:

  • Aspergillus, an allergenic mold found in food and heating and cooling systems
  • Cladosporium, a mold that looks black or green
  • Stachybotrys atra, also known as black mold

Mold damage can occur from any of these three common types of mold. All mold is non-toxic to humans, but some molds can cause rashes, watery eyes and sneezing in some individuals. Mold thrives on moisture and grows on paper, tiles, wood, drywall, carpeting, wallpaper, and other surfaces.

Mold Is for Experts

There is much more to learn about mold, but most people are content to leave mold remediation to the professionals. Technicians have been trained in the nuances of mold growth and are capable of testing to detect the presence of mold in a home in Spring Valley, TX. Experts can also develop a plan to contain mold, limit mold damage and address the conditions that allowed mold to grow in the first place. With the use of physical barriers, HEPA vacuums, and anti-fungal and antimicrobial cleaning agents a mold remediation company has the tools to clear up a mold problem.

Mold Is Seldom Good

Mold has been around for millions of years and is present just about everywhere, but it is a serious situation when mold colonies grow in a home. While mildew growth is often unsightly, it can be handled with a basic cleaner and a good brush, but mold growth requires a more systematic approach. The effects of mold damage can be extensive and can even cause harm to paintings, photographs, and rare books. The fact is that mold can be a serious matter in the home.

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