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The Services of a Fire Cleanup Company

11/2/2017 (Permalink)

The Services of a Fire Cleanup Company

When your property experiences a fire, you will need to look for ways to address the potential damage that it may cause. One of the best things you can do when you experience a fire is to contact a restoration company that provides fire damage restoration. With this kind of company, you will be in position to get services such as fire cleanup. During the process of cleaning up fires, companies will usually board up the property as well as use equipment to get rid of particles, smoke and soot.

One of the main reasons to use a restoration company to provide fire damage restoration is to perform fire cleanup. Getting fire cleanup will help reduce the effects of fire damage that can be quite hazardous. Fire cleanup services will include a number of procedures to help address fire damage. A company will address fire damage by first looking to board up parts of the property. It will then begin ridding your property of smoke, soot and debris with chemicals and equipment. Therefore, a company will be your best option when it comes to efficiently addressing fire damage.

Using a restoration company to provide fire damage restoration is also beneficial when looking to effectively deal with smoke damage and the smoke smell it causes. Smoke damage is quite significant as it can lead to structural decay as well as a decline in the properties appearance. Experiencing smoke damage can also lead to emitting hazardous fumes, toxic particles and an unpleasant smoke smell. When a property owner seeks restoration services, they will look to reduce the effects of smoke damage and eliminate the smoke smell. Restoration service companies can address these issues by getting rid of smoke, eliminating the smoke smell and cleaning the property. It will board up parts of the property and then use chemicals and equipment to finish the restoration process.

Another benefit of getting a restoration company to provide fire damage restoration is to help address soot damage. Properties that have soot damage will usually experience a decay in structure. Soot damage can also result in hazardous particles scattered throughout the property. In order to address soot damage, restoration service companies will usually board up parts of the property and then use the usual procedures of eliminating soot. The company will address soot damage by using tools and equipment to get rid of it from the property. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Common Effects of Fire Damage

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Common Effects of Fire Damage

In many cases, the effects of a fire occur when there is a fire in home. During a fire in home, the property will get burned as well as there being an accumulation of smoke and soot. When looking to help address a fire in home, it is important to enlist the services of a company that specializes in restoring properties from fire damage. Companies address a fire in home by cleansing the property, getting rid of debris and also providing feedback and advice on how to best maintain the property.

Another common occurrence of fires is when they take place in businesses. Whenever there is a fire in business, a considerable amount of commercial fire damage will take place. As a result, it is vital that property owners hire a restoration service company in order to reduce the effects of commercial fire damage that is caused by a fire in business. Restoration service companies will first address a fire in business by evaluating the extent of the commercial fire damage. They will look at the structures and then decide how to best get rid of debris, smoke and soot. The company will then begin eliminating smoke, soot and debris by using special equipment and chemicals to remove toxins that occur from a fire in business. Once all of the debris, smoke and soot is eliminated, a property owner will be in position to recover from commercial fire damage. With the help of restoration service companies, commercial property owners will have an effective solution to any problems that occur with fires on their property.
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How Storm Damage Restoration Professionals Can Help You

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How Storm Damage Restoration Professionals Can Help You

If you're dealing with storm damage, hail damage, hurricane damage, flood water or river flooding, it is imperative to get professional assistance as soon as possible. You need to act fast and hire a home restoration company that has a well established history of providing excellent service to home owners whose homes have suffered storm damage or hurricane damage.

Storm, flooding and river flooding can cause tremendous damage to a residential property in various ways. Wind damage, hail damage, wind damage, flood damage, ice dam, ice damage, ice damming, roof damage, frozen pipes, roof leak and problems associated with flooding, river flooding and ground water can be extremely difficult to deal with.

If the storm is too severe, the frozen pipes and hail damage could result in huge repair costs. Roof repair, ice damage and storm restoration are best left to restoration professionals.

If your home has suffered a lot of damage due to a storm risk of storm, it is imperative to get professional assistance as soon as possible, to check for ice dam, frozen pipes, ice damming, roof leak, ice damage, wind damage and to provide storm remediation. Hurricane damage and other problems caused by natural disasters should be prevented whenever possible. Roof repair after roof damage is a job for trained technicians who have great expertise in roof damage, roof repair or replacement and storm remediation.

Roof repair after storm damage is often recommended in order to protect your home from leaks and prevent additional roof damage. When there is roof leak water can flow into the insulation.

The cost of home restoration can be quite high but they will do a good job of restoring your home to its pre-damage condition. If you ask, they may be able to use materials that will save you money and lower the cost of home restoration or storm remediation.

Having flood water or ground water in your home can be frustrating and disruptive and should be handled properly by a team of well-trained water restoration technicians. Depending on the severity of the storm, water restoration professionals may unblock the drains to allow the flow of the flood water. They may use flood pump to remove excess water from the property.

You need a flood pump in a flooding or flood water situation. You can use buckets to remove the water from the property. However, a flood pump can get rid of the excess
water faster and more effectively. A flood pump will certainly expedite the water removal process and also protect the floor from further damage.

Many storm restoration or home restoration professionals use flood pump when then dealing with flooding, river flooding, ground water or flood water situations. The capacity and size of the flood pump needed will depend on the extent of flood damage or ground water.

It is also crucial to dry the affected area during the water restoration service. Water restoration technicians will examine the pipes to look for any damage, frozen pipes or leaks. They will take appropriate steps to ensure that ground water or flood water do not seep through the wooden floor.

Storm restoration also involves other processes, including ice damming and it can effectively be handled by home restoration experts. An ice dam is a structure designed to regulate the flow of water as it melts from ice. An ice dam can be installed in order to prevent prevent the water from draining off your roof. As an important storm restoration process, ice damming requires the expertise of a storm restoration professional.

Roof damage, ice damage and roof leak are some of the issues homeowners deal with after a storm damage, hurricane damage, hail damage or wind damage.

Considering that the tornadoes and winds can have a devastating impact on your home, you should hire water restoration professionals to evaluate your roof's condition and provide the necessary or appropriate reinforcement.

A reliable and reputable storm restoration company with a team of well-trained and experienced professionals can provide you with the quality storm remediation. Visit for more information on storm damage.

The Steps Followed by Experts in Dealing with Water Damage Restoration

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The Steps Followed by Experts in Dealing with Water Damage Restoration

There are a lot of plumbing issues confined to the bathroom. Due to this, bathrooms experience a significant amount of water damage emergencies. From pipe break and supply line break, sinks overflowing to clogged toilets, and supply lines bursting, the possibilities of water damage seem endless. It is important to always be ready to do water in the home restoration to the flooded home. The following are the restoration steps that what will take place after a pipe break or supply line break.

1. Contacting the restoration company

The first thing to do is to get in touch with a professional restoration service of your choice. Once you have contacted them, they will inquire from you the necessary information like your contact, the location of the flood damage, whether it is water in the business or water in the home area, insurance cover, what may have caused the flood damage, and if there is electricity in the flooded home. It is vital for the restoration company to have this information because it will facilitate the response time of the service providers.

2. Inspection

The restoration company you’ve chosen will send a representative to the premises. They will survey the level of water in the home or water in the business, identify and stop the water flow, and check for contaminated water. The restoration company will also proceed to verify the type of water, that is, whether it is black, white or gray, and this will help in water cleanup and restoring the flooded home or other property as it was before the water damage. In addition to this, they will make certain that there are no live electrical wires exposed to the water in the home or water in the business.

3. Water Cleanup.
After the representative has done the above, they will send for more mitigation experts so that work can begin. The water cleanup will be the most urgent thing to undertake, and it will be done immediately after the inspection. If the flood damage is severe, they may recommend a temporary relocation as the mitigation and reconstruction begins. Depending on the restoration company you’ve enlisted, they may help you in the moving out process. The amount of water present will determine which equipment such as submersible pumps, wet or dry vacuums, will be used to do water cleanup and mitigation.

4. De-humidification and drying
Drying aims at reducing the level of humidity in the air. Once all the water has been eliminated, the drying process will begin. Certain equipment is used here like the industrial air conditioners and dehumidifiers, and these remove moisture from the surface corners which are hard to access. The staff will monitor the process until drying is complete. The specialized equipment also guarantees that secondary water damage like swelling and warping does not occur.

5. Cleaning after a pipe break
After it is clear that the premise is dry of any water, the experts will proceed to clean the area and make sure that all the dirt has been removed. They will also get rid of any offensive and persistent odors that may be present and sanitize the area. If there are any destroyed materials still present, they will be disposed of.

6. Restoration after a supply line break

Once the devastation has been dealt with, the professionals will put in place mitigation measures to prevent any further pipe break or supply line break damage from occurring. The measures may be like putting up roof tarps if necessary, board ups, temporary fencing and maybe temporary warehouse space. At this juncture, it is possible to move back into the premises and do an inspection to establish that the job is complete and that there is no more water in the business.

It is an excellent process that is easy to execute well when done by competent, skilled professionals. The reconstruction may take anywhere between a day and two weeks depending on the extent of the flood damage or water damage. The cost may vary depending on the people who are performing the job. It’s advisable to have in hand contacts of various service providers to compare the cost and time they plan to spend on the flooded home.
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How to Reduce Losses and Recover from Commercial Fire Damage

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How to Reduce Losses and Recover from Commercial Fire Damage

So what next after a commercial fire damage? Recovery from fire incidents is always a challenge but one that is possible. With the significant losses that follow these catastrophes, it often seems like a daunting task to get back on your feet. However, through a combination of several actions, you are sure to restore your company back to operation.

What to Do After a Commercial Fire Damage Incident

Actions that follow after noticing signs of a fire determine the extent of losses to be incurred. Carefully handling certain issues help reduce the loss burden.

Sound the Alarm

Most institutions are fitted with firefighting equipment that automatically detects early fire signs. Smoke sensors trigger fire sprinkler systems that release water to deal with the fire. Alerting your colleagues by sounding the alarm is crucial in saving lives and property. If there are firefighters among them or those with firefighting skills, they will be the first to respond. Do ensure that the utility room with fire control tools and fire suppression apparatus such as extinguishers and fire hoses is accessible.

Call the Emergency Teams

Ensure you get in touch with all emergency teams in your area. Their timely arrival helps save lives and reduce the impact of the soot damage, smoke damage and the fire damage on the business premises. The list should include, the local firefighters, police, medical teams and any other company with fire trucks. All fire suppression crews are useful in such situations.

Inform your Insurance Provider.

There are certain issues insurance companies are to be addressed before a decision on whether to pay for the fire damage is made. Other than the police investigations, insurance firms conduct independent assessments of the commercial fire damage situation. Ensure you provide as much information as you can. Investigations primarily focus on the following.

· The events that led to the fire.

· The functional safeguards were in place on the business premises. Your venture will be required to provide quality assurance assessments of the fire sprinkler system, the fire hoses in the premises, among others. The condition of the utility room with fire fighting equipment will also be reviewed.

· Issues related to the losses that resulted from the fire damage, soot damage, and smoke damage are factored in the report. Issues related to the destruction from fire suppression activities are also considered. They include any destruction of insured property by firefighters or fire trucks in their efforts to put out the inferno.

Call the Fire Restoration Team

Having a fire damage restoration company in such situations is in your best interest. Their task is to ensure your business is restored to its condition before the commercial fire damage.

Their assessment of the after effects of the electrical fire, soot damage, and smoke damage informs their choice of action in the fire restoration efforts. Water damages that are caused by the fire sprinkler systems and the fire trucks are also factored in their evaluation. Other than the soot damage and smoke damage to the business surfaces, the electrical fires incinerate other assets. With all this information, the fire restoration crew determines what repairs, reconstructions, replacements or cleaning options are to be done. One thing remains true. Fire restoration services help save on costs in the long run.

Loss Mitigation Measures before a Commercial Fire Damage Incident

As an entity, it is important to have the following in place as a precautionary measure to safeguard lives and property.

· Have proper firefighting apparatus installed. This means that a fire sprinkler system, a fire hose, and a utility room with fire firefighting tools such as extinguishers, fire hoses gas masks, axes among other fire suppression equipment, are a must have. They are especially critical in putting out electrical fires.

· Displaying emergency hotlines across the institution. The numbers should include those of the local firefighters with fully equipped fire trucks, local police, and other emergency teams.

· Continuous safety drills performed on the premises. This is foundational in training individuals on how to deal with emergency situations, especially in electrical fire cases.

· Routinely inspect the utility room with fire fighting equipment to ensure it is fully operational.
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Finding the Best Options for Professional Storm Damage Restoration

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Finding the Best Options for Professional Storm Damage Restoration

Dealing with homes and residential properties that have experienced flooding and other forms or storm damage can be a simpler undertaking for those who have access to professional storm remediation. From local river flooding and wind damage to seasonal concerns like frozen pipes, or an ice dam or ice damming, finding the best solutions for storm restoration is never an issue that should be left to chance. Certain issues, such as roof damage or a roof leak which may have been caused by ice damage or hail damage, may require prompt home restoration services in order to minimize the need for more extensive roof repair services.

Removing Water From the Home

Water restoration services are absolutely essential when dealing with hurricane damage, or the potential damaged caused when ground water or flood water enter an interior environment. Use of a flood pump, dehumidifier or other specialized equipment that only a professional may be able to provide may be critical for ensuring successful storm remediation. Flooding is often one of the most serious types of storm damage and water that may have entered the home from a roof leak, frozen pipes or nearby river flooding calls for swift action. Water restoration efforts that utilize a flood pump or other home restoration equipment can often make quite a difference.

Shingle and Roof Repair

Hail damage, strong wind damage and even hurricane damage which may result in a roof leak is another situation that home and property owners would do well to address without delay. Storm restoration services that involve professional roof repair are often essential for minimizing the scope of roof damage. Snow accumulation, ice damage caused by an ice dam or ice damming as well as wind damage or hail damage may often require more extensive roof repair than many homeowners realize. Dealing with roof damage or addressing a roof leak promptly and effectively is often essential for ensuring effective storm remediation.

Extensive Flooding Within the Home

While even a small amount of water damage may result in considerable harm, ground water or flood water which may be present in far greater quantities can be of even greater concern with regards to home restoration. Using an industrial flood pump to remove flood water from an interior environment may be just the beginning when it comes to dealing with storm damage or river flooding that may be more extensive in scope. The storm restoration and water restoration efforts needed to deal with hurricane damage or localized river flooding are often essential for protecting the long-term value of a property.

Hurricane Damage and Major Storms

Hurricanes and tropical storms can result in a tremendous amount of wind damage or interior flooding. Extensive roof damage as well as large volumes of flood water or ground water within the homes are very common concerns when dealing with hurricane or tropical storm damage. Access to a flood pump and other water restoration and removal services can often be of paramount importance following a major storm. From removing ground water to repairing a roof installation, there are a number of services that may be required successful hurricane or tropical storm remediation.

Winter Storm Restoration

Hail damage or ice damage may require a full range of professional home restoration services. Plumping issues like frozen pipes or the potential damages that may be caused by an ice dam or ice damming are not something that property owners should take lightly. Winter storms may cause extensive damage through snow and ice accumulation as well as exposure to extremely low temperatures. Ignoring the snow and ice damage which may be caused by an ice dam or ice damming or failing to identify or address the problems caused by burst or frozen pipes as early as possible could result in far more extensive damages. Assessing the state of a roof as well as the pipes and plumbing system following a winter storm may be an important concern with regards to seasonal storm remediation.
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Large Loss Equipment for Commercial Water Losses

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Large Loss Equipment for Commercial Water Losses

When a large commercial building has a large water loss it takes the right equipment to get the place clean and operational once again. The amount of water that enters a facility when a pipe breaks will eventually cause a lot of evaporation. All that humidity is hard to get rid of with our traditional Desiccant Dehumidifiers.

The picture is of Desiccant Dehumidifier which can move 5000 cubic feet of air every minute. Its job is to move hot dry air into the building while removing humidity.

When your office or commercial property has a water damage it's important to call a remediation company that has the right equipment to do the job right. Call SERVPRO of Town& Country when you have a water damage.

Mold Problems After a Water Loss

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Mold Problems After a Water Loss

Controlling water is the only way to control mold. After water intrusion in a home or business the clock starts ticking for mold to grow. Mold starts out as an unseen spore but can change to visible growth within 48hrs.

Mold is everywhere at all times. It is a vital part of the ecosystem breaking down dead organic matter such as leaves or logs. However, the mold can only grow if there is ample humidity or water present.

The mold that is already present in your home or business will start to grow within 48 hours of a water loss. Call SERVPRO of Town & Country after pipe breaks, floods, and water heater malfunctions. Our technicians will rid the building of excess water before the mold has time to grow.

The Storm After A Hurricane

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The Storm After A Hurricane

Once a hurricane is done sending buckets of water and rising sea levels the storm of repairing your home commences. Whether there is a lot of damage or a little is dependant on where your home was located. In either case here are some of the repairs your home might need. Keep in mind that flood water is considered black water, meaning that any porous material that soaked up water will have to be removed for the safety of the occupants.

  1. Carpets and pad - These will need to be removed and replaced.
  2. Flood Cuts - All walls will be cut 12 inches wherever the flood line is located.
  3. Wood Floors - The wood will have to be removed and replaced.
  4. Contents - Bedding, clothing, and other porous material is contaminated and needs to be removed.

Our technicians are trained to clean up after flooding due to a hurricane. Let our crews worry about the storm after the hurricane.

Town and Country Water Loss

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Town and Country Water Loss

Recently our franchise was called to help out a family who had their basement flooded. They were very upset as they supposed the sprinkler system had failed causing the flood. They tried everything to find the bad sprinkler head but could not find it at all.

After we had done all the work from the day before their basement flooded again. They called us in to remove the water and hired a sprinkler repair company to find the problem. They didn't find anything and didn't charge the homeowner. But they did notice the signs of a broken sprinkler coming from the neighbor.

The problem was that their neighbor was on a slope higher than the homeowners with the flooded basement. The neighbor's sprinkler had a broken head which ran right down into their window well flooding their basement.

The homeowners were very upset but the neighbor paid for all the problems which was the right thing to do.